How to Make Money with Android Apps?

If you are an android app developer, then you might know that there are several ways by which you can increase your revenues. The majority of the developers are able to make very few money with their apps. Some apps like showbox movie smartphone app are just rocking and making huge business and others just get lost somewhere in goggle play. So what is the mantra behind the success of some of the android app developers?

Two major risks

To come to any conclusion we will have to analyze few things why some successful companies and individuals succeed and other s fail. Successful android developers port their apps to other platforms. According to the experts there is no magical formula to gain success in the field. You just have o avoid the traps by looking at the aspects that can increase the chances o your success.

Designer Android

Choose highest earning platforms

According to a survey iOS is still ahead of android in terms of revenues, but there are suggestions that android is closing the gap at a rapid speed. Developers are earning more on androids as compared to iOS. To increase the chances of your success you should target mobile browsers as compared to the desktop versions. This will be difficult for the beginners. Choose the best platforms to make your apps successful.

Choose a highest category

There are different categories and developers can choose any one of them. To make your app successful make sure that your research on the categories which are a popular these days. Fitness category is attracting many android users. The categories which are at the bottom list are games 17 %, kids 16 % and educational 17 %. So if you are repeating these categories again and again, then it is likely you know why you are not getting success.

Choose Smart devices

When you make apps you also have to choose devices. These days Smartphone are highly popular as compared to any other device. If you are targeting tablets only, then this is not going to be of any worth. This might be the reason that you are making with small fraction of tablet users. Even huge and successful companies have scaled down their experiences on Smartphone initially.

These are the few things that can help you in making more and more money with your android app development. Research is the key to success here and make sure that you complete your homework before you start developing an android app.